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By Sameer Dharaskar [ 9619205361 / 8879620501 ]

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Want to become a Successful Trader? Then you must read this :

A Share Market is the only business, in which you can earn monthly income much higher than a Doctor or an Engineer or any other profession. This is the only business, that can make you very Rich and you can fulfill all your dreams. No qualification or no experience required to start this business. No age limit. Anyone can do this business.

The only problem is there are 90% Failures in Share Market and Only 10% Successful Traders who are earning money consistently. Lets find out what is required to become successful trader.

What is required to become a Successful Trader?

  1. You must know a Technique which can give you huge profit consistently every month. The technique must be very simple to use. The success ratio and accuracy of that technique must be more than 95%.
  2. You must know how to completely avoid losses in share market (must)
  3. You must know what Discipline to follow while trading.
  4. You must know how to do Money Management.
  5. You must have good control on Greed and Fear.
  6. Instead of hard work, you must know how to do smart trading in share market by putting very less effort at right time and earn huge profits.
  7. You must get good technical support while trading.

Without this, you will NEVER become a successful trader in share market.

So, to become successful, first you need an Instructor who will share his trading experience with you (instead of giving theoretical knowledge), who will teach you how to earn money in share market (instead of teaching theory of few technical indicators), who will give you good technical support after the course.

Now if you want to become a Successful Trader, join a Free seminar to get more details of this course. I believe, “we get best opportunity only once in our life” and the formula of becoming successful is “Be At Right Place, At Right Time”. Otherwise we waste our entire life struggling without getting any results. Experience this 2 hrs free seminar. This seminar can surely change your life.

Seminar Details :
2 hrs Free Seminar (Practical Demo).
Seminar Location: Sameer Dharaskar : Ground Floor, Mama Kane Hall, Next to Mama Kane Hotel, Near Dadar West station, Mumbai- 400028. 5 minutes walking from Dadar-w station (towards Parel side).

Contact Person : Sameer Dharaskar
Mobile : 9619205361 / 8879620501 / 9819878079.