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By Sameer Dharaskar [ 9619205361 / 8879620501 ]

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Special 1 Day Crash Course

Learn Share Trading from a full time trader. Learn once and Earn for lifetime.

As you have already seen in my free demo seminar; in my 6 days live market course, I taught students to double their money monthly using 7 unique jackpot techniques. These 7 techniques are completely tested and even Freshers are earning descent profit from first month itself, after completing the course. In this course, I make every student complete professional trader by giving complete practical knowledge on how to earn money and how to avoid losses in Share Market.

Even though the course is of 6 days - full day (scheduled as per convenience of people who are doing job) and 100% monthly profit guarantee using (not only 1 but) 7 jackpot techniques, yet I have kept the course fee very less so that every person can take advantage of these techniques. But still few students are not able to afford this fee. Also few students are not able to do complete 6 day course due to busy schedule. For such students, I have designed a special 1 day crash course, as mentioned below;

Course Title: Crash course to learn - How to double your money monthly
Course Duration: 1 Day
Timing: 9am to 8pm
Day: Saturday
Location: Dadar(w)
Fees: 4,900/- only

Last day of Registration: 12-Dec [Friday]


Course Syllabus

  1. Derivative Options : Complete basics of derivative options, 7 Rules to completely avoid losses in options, Option writing, Demat demo etc
  2. Technique 1 : Intraday Technique A most simplest technique to earn minimum 100% profit monthly. Success ratio is more than 95%. The technique also covers, how to minimise intraday losses by applying Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss (SL & TSL) at right place.
  3. Technique 2 : Expiry Jackpot A jackpot technique to earn 50% to 500% profit in just 1 day. You can earn this jackpot profit every month on expiry day.
  4. Money Management : Money management for above 2 techniques. Money Management Rules to remove all risk involved in using above 2 techniques.

Complete Notes and Lunch-Tea/Coffee will be provided during session.

Note: The seats are Limited, only 20. So only first 20 entries can get admission in this batch.

If you are interested to join this course (or want more information), you can call Mr. Sameer Dharaskar on 9619205361 / 8879620501.