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Online Share Market Course Details:-

In Share Market, there are only 5% people who are earning regular profit. So if you want to make successful career in Share Market, then first you must learn - how to make losses zero. Second – you must have sure profit technique which can give you confirm profit daily with 95%+ accuracy. Also you must know how to control risk, greed, fear & emotions while trading. In below course, you will learn everything which is required to become a Successful Trader in Share Market. No need to do any other course after this course. Learn once and earn for lifetime. 

Course Schedule:- Next online trading course is going to start from 1-July-2024

Intraday & Swing Trading [Delivery] Course :-

New Topic recently added in course - Financial Astrology - Sarvatobhadra chakra [1-day session] :-

Identify Bullish & Bearish Vedha in a month in advance. This topic will help you to identify important bullish & bearish days of a month, in advance.

Practice Session :-  

During course, detail practice will be taken on almost 2-3 yrs chart (both daily & 30min charts) to explain every swing trading concept in detail. This will help you to identify how to do perfect market future predictions (analysis) with very high accuracy and how to identify confirm delivery (double money) signals in advance.  

Course Syllabus :-
In option segment, you can earn very big profit by taking delivery for few days in Nifty and BankNifty. Identify perfect time when market is ready to give big profit opportunity. Below are Delivery technique highlights;

Derivative Options

  • Option Trading will be explained in very simple way.
  • 3 important rules to avoid risk involve while trading in option segment.
  • How to execute jackpot double money trades on every Wed & Thu of every week
  • Learn all common mistakes people do while doing option trading, which we must avoid

Intraday Technique :-

Gann Technique

  • How to identify perfect entry & exit levels 
  • How to identify market trend & intraday trend reversals using very easy technique
  • How to apply Stop Loss [SL] & Trailing Stop Loss [TSL] perfectly to protect your trade 
  • How to book profit at right time using gann technique.
Open Interest [OI] Data
  • How to identify intraday future trend, intraday reversals and breakout signals in advance using OI data 
  • How to identify Bull-Bear traps
  • How to identify & skip unwanted high risk trades using OI data.
  • How to identify important support-resistance & reversal levels using OI data
  • How to execute jackpot [big profit] trades using OI data 
Swing Trading Technique :-
Momentum indicator [RSI]
  • Identify big delivery (i.e. big trending moves) on daily chart, in advance. In such big delivery trade, you can easily earn min 300% to 500%+ profit in Nifty by holding your Call/Put entry just for few days. 
  • Learn to identify perfect Buy-on-dip signal (in uptrend) & Sell-on-rally signal (in downtrend) in advance - Swing Trading. 
  • With RSI, you can identify in advance - when market will give big trending moves (on which you can trade on full margin for big profit target) and when market will give sideways move (on which you can trade safe on small margin for small profit targets). Always be ready before market.
  • With this RSI study, you can identify confirm targets of each delivery trade. 
  • With this study, your entry will never get trapped in wrong direction. 

Elliott Wave study

  • Detail Elliott wave study to predict market future trend & targets in advance. 
  • Identify big trending moves by identifying important Elliott patterns. Its always easy to capture big trending moves & jackpot profit trades if you know what is going to happen in market in advance. 
  • Elliott wave study will be explained in detail, in very simple way. With this Elliott study, you can easily understand internal structure of market, which is important while doing analysis.
Time cycle study
  • In delivery course, I teach how to identify confirm delivery trades near every time cycle day. So you can easily double your money near every time cycle day. 
  • Learn to identify trend reversals or trend continuation patterns near every time cycle day and learn to identify buy-on-dip & sell-on-rally signals near every time cycle day, on which you can earn very big profit. 
  • Also learn to take earliest entry on every delivery trade using time cycle study, to increase overall profit %.
  • Detail Practical session of Time Cycle study
  • Learn to predict market future trend and targets using Open Gaps. Identify confirm delivery trades in advance using Gap-Theory.  
Price Action study
  • Identify major support-resistance levels, reversal levels and breakout levels. 
  • With this study, you can identify, after which level breakout, market can give big trending moves. 
  • You can also identify, from which level market will give reversal, where you can book profit at right time.
Fibonacci study
  • Learn how to use Fibonacci study to identify min & max targets of every delivery trade, in advance. 
  • Learn to identify support-resistance & important reversal levels using Fibonacci. 
  • This study will give you very big profit on every delivery trade.
Advance Candlestick concepts
  • Learn to predict market future trend by monitoring daily candles. 
  • Learn important double money candlestick patterns, on which you can earn 50%-100% profit in single day.

Money Management

  • Learn how to multiply your money in very less time by following below money management plan. Learn how to complete below targets in very less time using confirm delivery trades. 
  • Using this money management concept, you can earn very big monthly profit on very small amount in very short time. 
  • A systematic way to generate big margin without taking any risk.
Live Market Session
  • Practice of all above topics in live market
  • Demo of how to take perfect entry-exit in live market. 
Mind Power [Money Attraction] Technique
  • Learn how to remove fear & negativity about Share Market from your subconscious mind and how to trade positively. 
  • Learn to take perfect decisions while doing intraday using this mind power technique.
  • Most simple & most powerful technique to train your mind to attract success in Share Market.

About this course:-

  • All above studies are very easy. So even freshers having zero knowledge of share market can also join above course. 
  • No prior knowledge required to join this course. I teach from basics.
  • These techniques are sure profit techniques having 98%+ accuracy. To get such 98%+ accuracy, you must know how to select perfect trade and how to make losses zero, which I teach in detail in my course.
  • Learn trading from a professional trader. In this course, you will not only learn sure profit techniques but you will also learn how to control greed, fear, emotions while trading, how to take perfect decisions while trading, how to train mind to execute successful trades daily, how to manage & multiply your money etc. In this course, you will learn everything which is required to become a successful trader for lifetime. 
  • I do not provide video recordings of my classroom sessionsDetail notes will be provided to you during course.

Procedure to join this online course:-

Course Fee :-  35,500/-

Early entry discount in course fee :-

We provide discount in course fee for first 10 admissions. Discounted fee for first 10 seats is 32800/- After these 10 seats are full, fee for all new admissions will be 35500/-

Registration Steps :- 

  • If anyone interested to join this course, you can send "Interested in Trading Course" message on my whatsapp number 9619205361.
  • Bank details will be sent to your mobile number.
  • You can pay 10,000 advance to book your seat and remaining fee 2-days before course
  • After depositing money send your name, email id and payment details on WhatsApp to book your seat.
  • Once the registration is done, course details will be emailed to you.
  • Also if you do not have any trading account, broker details (i.e. where & how to open trading account) will be emailed to you.

​* Fee not refundable.  

* Webcam is compulsory to join this online course.

* We do not provide video recording of our classroom sessions. We provide notes.

* Course Language - Hindi.


Thank you very much for visiting this website.

Have a great Successful Career in Share Market.