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Identify market Future Trend & Double Money trades using Candlestick with 100% accuracy

Most easy & effective method of candlestick chart predictions. Learn what is a #Candlestick chart, how to do 100% accurate market analysis, how to earn huge profit using candlestick study, how to predict market future trend in advance using candlestick, how to use candlestick to avoid traps & losses. In this video, basics of candlestick explained with examples.

Mind remedies for Share Market | Attract Success and Prosperity | Remove Trading Fear, Negativity from Mind

Most effective mind remedies for Share Market. Best remedies for Success and Prosperity in Share Market. Learn how to remove fear, negativity from mind and how to trade positively, how to control emotions while trading, how to take right trading decisions using positive mind. Guided Meditation.

How to identify confirm delivery signals using RSI [Relative Strength Index] :-

Moon Time cycle technique :-

How to predict market short term reversals using 4 Moon positions. We use this technique with Delivery (Swing) Technique to identify confirm delivery signals in advance near every moon date. This technique with delivery concepts will help you to identify buy-on-dip trades in up-trend and sell-on-rally trades in down-trend. You can earn 50% profit near every moon time cycle day. This technique when used with my Intraday & Delivery techniques, gives great profit outcome and 100% accuracy.

Why people fail in Share Market - main 4 reasons explained :-

If you are not getting success & profit in Share Market, even after taking lots of efforts and even after doing many trading classes - then watch this video, you will find the reason. There are few important instructions given in this video - what mistake you must avoid. All students who registered for my online trading course, watch & follow all these instructions during my online course period of 3 weeks (Must). If you do that, you will start earning consistent profit on my techniques without any failure.   

Demo Seminar - Online Intraday & Delivery Course | Sure Profit Techniques | No Loss Strategy

Zoom Software Demo. Steps to connect to my online course :-